About Us

Our Approach

Music, Party, and Life are the 3 core foundations that have been synonymous with MIGO Productions throughout the DMV area over the last 16 years. As a Latin Marketing and production company, Migo Productions has given the DMV some of its most memorable and exciting events from International and Latin nights,  to grown and sexy brunches, to giving back to the community by coordinating toy drives, aid relief and back to school nights. Migo Productions has done it all by giving its audience an innovative yet cultural experience.

Our Story


From Salsa, Cumbia, Bachata, Hip-Hip to the old-school reggaetón and to the new wave of Latin-Trap, here at MIGO Productions we have always focused on giving our audience an immersive musical experience that spans across different genres of music.


Each and every one of our events is unique in their own ways. With a number of different themes that change weekly, we always focus on bringing originality and an enjoyable experience to our clients. This experience is created by giving our clientele a taste of that Latin Sazón, that flavor that makes people want to move, dance and cherish the moment in a safe yet cultural environment.


Here at MIGO Productions we don’t solely prioritize our night life events, we also know that as a Latin Marketing Company, we have the obligation of giving back to our communities. We make it our mission to give back in any way that we can, whether it be by giving youth a platform to showcase their talents at Fiesta DC or doing toy drives for the underserved children of our community. We are always looking to give back.

So instead of just reading about it, allow us to show you how Music, Party, and Life have been captivating the DMV for 16 years.